The Idaho Legislative Process

Track Bills – Find out who represents you – Get involved

Who represents you?  To find out, go here.

To sign up to track Bills – go here.

How can you track a bill?

On line –

Go to

Select the Legislation link

Select the Mini-Data Bill Status information link, then choose the bill number you want, OR

Select Legislative Topic Index to bills which groups bills by topic in alphabetical order and choose the bill number you want

When you click on the bill number, it will give you an outline of what has happened with the bill since introduction –

For example:

  • 01/31 House intro – 1st rdg – to printing
  • 02/01 Rpt prt – to Jud (this means the Judiciary Committee)
  • 02/14 Rpt out – rec d/p – to 2nd rdg
  • 02/15 2nd rdg – to 3rd rdg
  • 02/19 3rd rdg – PASSED – 69-0-1 Then it will list the names of all who voted for or against the bill

It will also tell you the same information for the other chamber

It will NOT give you information about what happened to the bill in a committee except if it received a recommendation to pass

After listing what has happened with the bill, it will provide the full text of the bill the Statement of Purpose (SOP) – a plain language version of what the bill does the fiscal impact – what the bill will cost the state and legislative sponsors or other contacts, with phone numbers

You can also track legislation by:

  • Attending legislative committee meetings
  • Checking the websites of other organizations or agencies
  • Networking with others who share your concerns
  • Reading the newspaper, watching TV
  • Getting legislative alerts from organizations