ISA Points on HO536

Here are some of the ‘talking points’ on HO536. I urge each of you to read the bill – then read the talking points – and then…. 


… in your own words please email/call/contact YOUR legislative representative and discuss the potential negative impact that this legislation will have.  As previously discussed, form letters do no good.  Talk to your representative in a manner that is respectful – but in a way that conveys the message that this is not good legislation.


ISA cannot support House Bill 536 as currently written. While many of our member groups agree there is a need for the trespassing laws in Idaho to be updated and codified, this bill did not follow the process of inclusion and subsequently did not include input from anyone but the bill’s author and sponsor.

  • There are several technical issues and drastic policy shifts in the proposed language that will have lasting impacts on Idahoans for generations to come if passed into law. These issues, demonstrate that consolidating and expanding Idaho’s trespassing laws throughout three sections of Idaho code are a nuanced and delicate process with interests on all sides who ought to be at the table to negotiate and reach an agreeable conclusion that benefits land users of all kinds.
  • Idaho is a great place to live, work, and recreate in part due to our western heritage and the values we share. It is incumbent on each of us to protect those things we hold dear in a respectful and responsible way.
  • The idea that Sportsmen and Agriculture groups must remain at odds due to competing interests is a fallacy. ISA hopes to remove the barriers that currently exists and in doing so, we also hope to gain a greater understanding and a positive working relationship going forward.
  • ISA and its member groups remain committed to following the laws of the land and will continue to support, engage and inform elected officials on a vast and dynamic industry that has roots in Idaho pre-dating territorial status and statehood.
  • The decisions we, and our elected officials make, define who we are. We believe the opportunity to do right by current and future generations exists if we work together, with all interested parties, to craft good policy following proper process. We implore each elected official to carefully weigh the merits of this or any other legislation and the lasting impacts it would have on Idaho, its residents and its heritage.
  • As ethical and responsible hunters, fishermen, and trappers, ISA members do not condone trespassing for any reason. We hope to reach agreeable terms on this issue in the future and look forward to opportunities to inform and engage with interested parties and elected officials on this important part of Idaho law.
  • As Sportsmen, land owners, businessmen and multi-generational families who live work and play in Idaho, we believe the best policy follows a process of inclusion, collaboration and input from all interested parties.
  • We have not and will not point fingers or make accusations to one’s personal beliefs or legislative agendas. This should not be inferred to be a weakness but rather a quiet strength that enables us, our members and those who seek to pass on the heritage we protect to remain committed and engaged in perpetuity.