ISA is self funded. 

Why should I join?

ISA provides sportsmen with a comprehensive presence at the capital during the legislative session.  In addition – our directors and officers work non stop to stay on top of impending legislation.  The organization as a whole gives all sportsmen and women a heads up when legislation could impact their right to hunt, fish and trap.

There are three types of membership for ISA:

Organization:  These are membership organizations such as Trout Unlimited, or NWTF, or Idaho Houndsmen

Non Voting Business:  These are membership organizations that receive timely and written posts about what is going on in the outdoor sports world.  Notices of pending legislation that may benefit/hurt their particular business, and an online presence on our website.

Business:  These are memberships organizations that wish to vote and take an active part in ISA.  If you wish to be a Full Business member, you must also pledge to vote with the time frames given at the time of the notice sent.  This can span anywhere from 48 hours to a week depending on the legislation, when it’s introduced and timing of committee hearings.

To apply as a business member, please fill out this short form.

All members must:

Support the Privilege to hunt, fish and trap in the State of Idaho, as defined by Idaho Statutes and the rules and regulations of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Support the ISA Mission Statement and adhere to the ISA Bylaws and Guiding Principles. Failure to abide by the pledge may result in a member’s removal from the ISA as provided in the ISA Bylaws.

Dues are $500 annually for Business memberships – $300 annually for Organization memberships.